My name is Wayne Taylor. I never was always lean like I am now. Unlike other people who has trouble losing weight,  I had trouble gaining. Joined my first gym (planet fitness) when I was 21. Since then I’ve fallen in love with fitness and dedicated myself to improve my figure. Fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% exceraize.

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I’m here to help motivate and help beginner’s or just praise anyone who loves fitness.  On the road the boat of their dreams or just to simply change their diet and eat clean.

So a little about me , my name is Wayne I was born and raised in NYC. I was always a slim kid and struggled to gain weight. I started off just working out and home before I went to bed ever night . it consisted of

10 set of ten reps / pushups            5 sets of ten reps/ sit ups (not crutches)             10 sets of ten reps/ squats

I would even stuff my book bag with a bunch of text books and do weighted workouts … sometimes. That’s how I stared off , joined my first gym at 21 (planet fitness) then began to explore and research more about fitness. fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% physical activity.

                   Eating healthy

Eating the right food can be challenging this I know trust me. Even limited resources or just basic knowledge of the topic can cause confusion. Sadly eating clean starts out but cutting out food you shouldn’t eat , now hold on before you say but Wayne I love pie I can’t just stop eating it. I’m not saying just wake up tomorrow and just stop eating pie that’s just impossible lol. I’m simply saying just cut down on the intake for example id you eat cake 4 times a week cut it in half and eat it just 2 times a week then word you way from there. a basic list of good food to eat are

-poultry(protein)   -fish    -vegetables   -steak(protein)   -potatoes(carbs)

Just a small list of somethings that’s good to eat.

If you would like to follow my journey you can follow me on instagram @flexxliion



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